Intertwined is the diary of an Indian everywoman living her life in the Internet era. We witness her journey from the time she first encounters the internet in her teens, delighted by its offerings, to the increasingly multifaceted nature of her interactions with it as she grows older over the first two decades of the twenty-first century. As the internet penetrates deeper and deeper into our daily lives, her diary maps out the trajectory many of us have followed, with infrastructural developments, public and private sector policies playing significant roles in shaping our engagement with it. Intertwined invites you to explore her diary –
to click, play, scroll, listen and read. Maybe it tells your story too?

We recommend desktop viewing.

Bhaswati Bose | Proiti Seal Acharya | Khayal Trivedi

This project is part of the 25 x 25 Initiative by India Foundation for the Arts, supported by lead donor Kshirsagar-Apte Foundation
and philanthropy partners Titan Company Limited, and Priya Paul and Sethu Vaidyanathan.